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Top Tips For a Successful Silent Auction

One of the most effective and fun ways to raise money for a non profit organisation is a silent auction. Deciding to do a silent auction fundraiser is not only economical for the organisation because they don’t have to find and hire an auctioneer, but it allows a competition between donors that can be beneficial for the organisation as well. The fundraising that comes from this type of event is significant compared to the work that goes into it, making it a great option for non-profits.

The silent auction can be as small or as large online silent auction ideas as you like and is only dictated by the amount of donations that you receive or seek out. Many local businesses may be willing to donate a service or an item to the silent auction since they can use it as a tax-deduction. Setting up a team to solicit donations is a great way to make sure that you get a great cross-section of items including everything from jewellery to day spa trips to vacation packages and use of someone’s private vacation home. There is no limit to what you can list for the auction, but the way to get the best amount of bids is to sort the gifts into “package deals”. For example, if you have several spa treatments including a gift certificate for a massage, a pedicure, and a hair cut; you can package those items into one auction and market it as a “spa day” for all of their needs. Packaging the gift certificates or items together helps bring a larger silent auction bid and therefore, a bigger donation to the organisation.

Silent auctions are a great option as they are great event by themselves, but they are also a great addition to any event that you may already have planned. Many non-profit organisations plan a year-end donation drive usually in conjunction with a party or gala. Adding a silent auction to this event is a great way to help your year-end drive figures. You may find that you have many more donors near the end of the tax year when they begin thinking about taxes and potential write-offs. These types of auction are a great way to drum up support for your organisation and by making it an annual event, fundraising and finding silent auction items will be much easier in subsequent years.

One of the best ways to fundraise for a non profit organisation is a silent auction. Not only does it allow you to plan ahead and accept donations throughout the year in anticipation of one event, it also allows you to have a great night that may become an annual event. Making it an annual event generates a significant amount of money for the organisation year after year. Next time you need to meet your yearly fundraising goal, think of a silent auction as a great option to help you achieve your goals as well as create an event that attendees will remember for years to come.